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June 20th, 2024

Everyone Thinks They’re a Recruiter

How many times in your life have you decided, “I CAN do that,” –whatever “that” is? We think, “I can paint, I can fix the leaky faucet, I can landscape,” and so on.  Most of us have found ourselves doing something that is not necessarily a honed skill from time to time.   

We often see this in recruiting—”I can do that…” but can you? Have you ever recruited?  Have you ever found yourselves in a sea of resumes, LinkedIn messages, emails, inundated with outreach, and hundreds of people to sift through and respond to? Overwhelming?  Maybe…. but masters of their domain can always tell the difference between an artist and a fraud.

Let’s compare a recruiter to a painter: Both recruiting and painting are art forms that require the skills, techniques, and nuances that distinguish professionals from amateurs. Just as painting requires artistic skill and technique to create a masterpiece, recruiting also involves a unique set of skills and techniques. Both professions require creativity, intuition, and attention to detail to achieve success.

In painting, artists must understand concepts such as form, color, and composition to create visually appealing works of art. Similarly, recruiters need to understand the dynamics of human behavior, psychology, and organizational culture to match candidates with the right positions effectively. They must flex to nurture these dynamics with precision and warmth, capitalizing on the concepts, behaviors, and emotions of others.

Both recruiting and painting require a keen eye for detail. In painting, even the smallest brushstroke can make a significant difference in the final outcome. Similarly, recruiters must pay attention to the nuances of customer relationships, candidate resumes, interview responses, and job requirements to make informed decisions.

A skilled painter can capture the essence and emotion of a scene or subject on canvas, evoking a powerful response from the viewer. Likewise, a talented recruiter can identify the unique qualities and potential of a candidate, effectively communicating their value to employers. Recruiters, like painters, are storytellers seeking to capture the essence of a human being to ensure their customer can see their potential and cultural fit.

Becoming proficient in either recruiting or painting takes time, practice, and experience. Professionals in both fields continually refine their skills, learn from their mistakes, and adapt to new challenges. Talent acquisition is multifaceted, from Executive Search and Recruitment Process Outsourcing to Employer Branding and Talent Assessment, and all facets continually change. Recruiters must stay current in market demands, trends, and forecasts to be successful.

Just as a professional painter’s work stands out from that of an amateur, a seasoned recruiter’s approach and results are distinguishable from those of an inexperienced practitioner. Clients and employers often recognize the value of working with professionals who deliver consistent, high-quality outcomes.

Be good to yourself, the candidate experience, and your hiring leaders.  Partner with a professional!

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