What services do you offer?

We offer customizable talent solutions for healthcare and life science organizations. In addition to talent acquisition and specialized recruitment, we utilize tailored assessments, executive coaching, and employer branding to attract and retain top talent. Our solutions include:

  • Executive Search
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Sales Accelerator
  • MSL Accelerator
  • Talent & Leadership Consulting

What industry/industries do you work within?

We work within the pharmaceutical, biotech, life science, payer/provider/access, medical device, and digital health sectors.

Why are you different?

TSP has been in the recruiting business for more than half a century, with over two decades dedicated 100 percent to the healthcare and life science industries. From our Executive Search roots, our expertise and experience allow us to customize our services to the unique needs of our clients, and it all starts with the power of personal. We are a boutique firm, deeply rooted in search, with the resources of our global parent company, giving us a unique industry position of feeling niche but providing big outcomes for our local and global clients. 

You are the direct hire subsidiary of Syneos Health. What does that mean?

While Syneos Health focuses in all things outsourced, TSP focuses on direct talent solutions for our clients. These solutions include Executive Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Sales/MSL Accelerators, Talent & Leadership Consulting, and tspSTORYTELLER. We are the only team of our kind that can operate as a boutique organization with the support of nearly 30,000 resources and a major global impact, with solutions spanning North America, Europe, and Japan.

My company is not a healthcare or life sciences organization. Will you work with us?

We are proud to provide dedicated support in the healthcare and life science industries from a recruitment perspective. Our Talent & Leadership Consulting and tspSTORYTELLER solutions can work with clients in other industries, if it makes sense for individual partnerships.

How can I get in touch with TSP?

You can fill out our Discuss & Discover form, and your contact information will be directed to our leadership team to review. If you are interested in our solutions, you may also find our leadership contact information on the Leaders page.

Where are you located?

TSP is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with offices in Boston, Massachusetts, Raleigh, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Somerset, New Jersey, Northern California, the United Kingdom and Germany.

What RPO services do you offer?

We offer traditional Recruitment Process Outsourcing, known at TSP as tspTALENT. We also offer specialized project teams in Sales and MSL Accelerators. If your need is so unique that it requires a blend of our services, we create a Taylored Formula which includes on-demand solutions for: Full lifecycle, Source & Screen, Contingent Search Plus, and Temporary Staffing. Because we understand that you may just need a different perspective to help the team that is already in place, we also offer standalone RPO consulting services.

How will an RPO solution benefit my company?

We act as an extension of your team and and help build your employment brand in the marketplace. We provide recruiters that are focused in life science recruitment and create flexible solutions that can ebb and scale depending on your support needs. We bring a combination of process and recruiting strength that adds efficiency and results to your internal recruiting efforts and we save you dollars by limiting, or in some cases, eliminating third party search fees.

Can you blend your solutions to meet our need?

Absolutely! Our Taylored Formula solutions meet you exactly where you are. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach never works. We will learn your story, needs and goals, and offer a customizable solution to bring you top talent with a high-touch delivery.

What differentiates your recruitment process outsourcing from others?

We only support Health and Life Science organizations and are focused on talent in this industry. We believe our consultative partnerships are core to our success. We take time to learn and listen before we create a unique plan for our clients. Our customization is critical in maintaining and expanding last relationships. We have a team of specialized industry experts who dedicate their time to your brand with the long term in mind.

Do we get a say in which recruiters work on our behalf?

If you have preferences to who works on your roles, we will listen, but ultimately we control the resources that we employ and we are providing a service and not an individual. Our goal is to ensure you are confident and happy in our teammates who are acting as an extension of you. We will always offer our perspective on our team and what we recommend based up our discovery sessions. Our goal is to ensure that we mutually agree upon the best team for your organization.

What is sales accelerator?

Sales Accelerator is TSP’s direct recruiting solution focused on helping organizations build or expand their sales team in the healthcare and life science industries.

What is the typical size and scope of your projects?

We work on small, specialized projects and some of the largest sales team builds in the industry.  Our partnerships incorporate full cycle, end to end recruiting with strategic consulting that includes sourcing, candidate engagement, screening and assessment, interview event management, onboarding, branding, and reporting.

Do you offer virtual interview events?

Our operations group offers interview event options including in-person and virtual.  We have a thorough process in place to accommodate large virtual interview events utilizing state of the art video interviewing technology, virtual project management solutions, “on-site” staff coordinators, and more.

What differentiates your process from others?

TSP has managed hundreds of direct hire sales team builds and expansions over the past three years.  We have continuously improved our process over time to ensure a best-in-class approach to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring.  However, what sets us apart from other organizations is our people.  We have a highly skilled staff of more than 100 recruiting resources who are specialized in life science sales recruiting. 

What areas of the industry does your team recruit for?

Our Executive Search group recruits across all segments within Life Sciences including C-suite, Clinical, Medical Affairs, Commercial, Manufacturing, and Corporate G&A.

What differentiates your search process from others?

Our tagline is “the power of personal” and we bring this to every search. Our solutions are custom built for our clients; we consider ourselves an extension of you during the search. The power of personal extends to our candidates and their experience as well; we make genuine connections and get to know them much deeper than just their resume to ensure total fit for our clients. We believe in relationships; the team that takes the search will be the same team that shakes your hand at the end. 

How will a search solutions benefit my company?

Every search matters to us, we will bring passive candidates to the table that are not on the market. Working with an Executive Search firm ensures you will find the best candidate available, not just the ones actively seeking new roles. We let top talent know that your organization is invested and serious about finding top talent with professional and focused outreach that might not be able to be accomplished by your organization due to internal bandwidth.

Do you work on a contingent or retained basis?

Retained – Search is a relationship-based business from both a client and candidate perspective. The Retained model allows us to conduct a thorough Search, tap into our network/relationships and dedicate time and resources to unearthing the best candidates which are the best possible fit for our client. However, we are open to some contingent work if we believe it mutually benefits our partnership.

What is Talent & Leadership Consulting?

Our team of I/O psychologists who use listening, objective data, and evaluation to help organizations achieve their talent goals.

What kind of services does your team provide?

We offer assessment of top candidates, defining or enhancing selection processes and tools, leadership coaching, and facilitated leadership development workshops for skill enhancement and team building.

Why would i want to integrate an assessment practice into my hiring process?

Hiring a new employee is a big decision. We want to arm with you value-add, objective information to help you make the most accurate hiring decision. Personality assessments do just that – they help shed light on the candidate’s preferred work environment, work ethic, emotional intelligence, motivators, collaborative style, and overall disposition and help you determine whether they are a good fit for your culture. We believe these elements matter significantly when making hiring decisions, building a team, or developing your current employees.

How do you deliver customized assessments?

Integrating one or more assessments in your current recruiting practice can be seamless. We start by listening to your needs, determining the right competencies, administering the assessments, and providing you with an easy-to-read executive summary of results.

Will you be part of the training for our organization?

We believe training your organization is the best way to ensure the interpretation and use of the reports are carried out in an ethical, fair, and unbiased manner. We will spend time training a small or large team describing the value of the assessments, the salient questions in the questionnaire, the attributes measured and how to review the reports.


tspSTORYTELLER is the branding, recruitment marketing and candidate experience arm of TSP that develops strategy and content with and on behalf of our clients.

What kind of services does your team provide?

The Branding & Marketing team creates strategy and directional tools to support recruiters and client employees in becoming client brand ambassadors through attraction and nurturing methods. We build and tell brand stories through EVP Accelerator, Recruitment Marketing Playbooks, Candidate Engagement Portal, and brand consulting.

Why is your solution unique?

We are branding professionals who learn your employer value proposition and utilize creative tools and resources to provide an enhanced candidate experience from target through the recruitment process.

We have a marketing/brand team – why would we invest in tspSTORYTELLER?

Our team can work with or on behalf of your brand and marketing team to consult, expand upon or support your goals. There is a vast difference between marketing and brand awareness versus recruitment marketing and help recruiters fill jobs. As with all our services, we can customize our approach based upon your needs, though our primary goal is to help deliver the right talent at the right time to support your growth goals.