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April 17th, 2024

Partnerships: The Heart of Our Talent Business

As I reflect on our recent collaboration with Orphalan, I am reminded of the profound importance of genuine partnership in talent acquisition. At TSP, we don’t just fill positions; we forge relationships, understand visions, and align strategies to create lasting impacts. Our journey with Orphalan exemplifies the essence of this philosophy.

Picture this: at the Plan of Action (POA) meeting, the President and VP of Orphalan extended heartfelt gratitude to TSP and our team. Their acknowledgment wasn’t merely for sourcing talent; it was for the integral role we played in sculpting their entire US workforce. I was reminded of how the work we do every day may feel small, but it can leave a profound impact on our partners.

Beyond the transactional nature of hiring, we immersed ourselves in Orphalan’s world. We delved deep into their organizational DNA, crafting hiring profiles, strategizing key account manager (KAM) placements, and advising on pivotal decisions. We didn’t just aim to meet expectations; we aspired to exceed them, functioning as an extension of their HR team.

Effective talent acquisition isn’t a one-way street; it’s a symbiotic relationship built on trust and collaboration. Orphalan entrusted us with their most crucial asset: their people. In return, we reciprocated by understanding their culture, immersing ourselves in their environment, and aligning our efforts with their overarching mission.

One of the pivotal moments of our partnership was our presence at Orphalan’s POA. By being there, we didn’t just witness their mission and strategy; we became part of it. Engaging in conversations, understanding pain points, and envisioning the future together solidified our bond and paved the way for mutual success.

Dmitry Paramonov, President of Orphalan U.S., reflected on our partnership, “TSP was instrumental in building our U.S. launch organization from startup to north of 27 [employees] within a year of launch – from Sales Rep to VP level, reporting to President U.S. We were extremely impressed with their level of support, the quality of candidates they sourced, but most importantly – their speed. Following our soft launch in 2023, when we proved the concept that our business was indeed viable in the U.S., our board approved an incremental investment and expansion of our sales force from four to 12 Key Account Managers. TSP got them hired for us ahead of schedule and within a quarter to start the new year, by Feb. 6, 2024. We could not have done it without TSP.”

In today’s competitive landscape, talent acquisition isn’t merely about filling seats; it’s about fostering relationships and driving organizational growth. At TSP, we understand that representing our clients goes beyond job descriptions; it encompasses embodying their ethos, understanding their aspirations, and championing their cause.

Our partnership with Orphalan exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration. By going the extra mile, understanding their needs intimately, and aligning our efforts with their vision, we didn’t just fulfill a service; we became instrumental in their journey towards excellence.

As we embark on future endeavors, let us remember the essence of partnership: empathy, collaboration, and unwavering dedication. Together, we can redefine the landscape of talent acquisition and drive unparalleled success for our clients and partners alike.

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