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April 15th, 2021

The Solution: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

How TSP Filled 100% of Positions for a Pharmaceutical Organization While Maintaining a Focus on Diversity Goals

The Background:

Our client is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of therapies for HIV infection. Upon rigorous research and development, our client developed a first-in-class, once-monthly injectable solution for those suffering from HIV.

The Challenge:

Looking to build their first line manager team of nine Regional Sales Directors, our client turned to us for support. Their requirements for RSDs were very specific, as each candidate needed to have previous injectable and buy and bill experience. Implementing a diversity strategy was critical to our client throughout their screening and hiring process.

The Process:

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From the start, consistent communication was a key driver of success for our partnership with our client. In our weekly meetings, we discussed project flow, addressing the candidate pipeline, timeline and various project priorities. As we took the time to understand their values and the project requirements, priorities shifted, as needed. Recruiters were a part of every meeting, which contributed to building a strong foundation with stakeholders. Having the recruiters work directly with the hiring managers gave them broader and deeper knowledge empowering high quality execution. There was constant, open dialogue and feedback, so the recruiters could persist in finding the right candidates.

Our Consulting and Assessment team partnered with the client’s leadership to define key competencies for success in this critical role. Based on these competencies, an assessment process was developed to capture in-depth candidate insights and support the interview process. Candidates completed an online personality questionnaire and engaged in a role play with one of our Industrial/Organizational Psychologists. Feedback from both assessment components fed a customized interview guide that allowed the hiring team to personalize the interview process and follow-up on key insights.

The Outcome:

By following a turnkey, set schedule, using an organized checklist from kick-off to recruiting to onboarding, we met our goal and filled all positions for the client, while 45 percent of hires met their diversity initiative. Our client continues to partner with us and has already expanded our Consulting and Assessment relationship on other projects by utilizing our assessments and interview guides.

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